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Luis Armando Galvis-Aponte, Jere R. Katja Kaufmann, German Humberto Hernandez leal, Frank M. Alejandro Ome V. Suarez, Edward L. Anna Kochanova, Kenny, Charles, Nguyen, Colin C. Kedir, Teixeira, Addis G. Eugene E. Discussion Papers. Jain, Ritika, Eleftherios Spyromitros, Islam, Asif, Asif Islam, Susan J.

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Ana Balsa, Universidad de Montevideo.. Zhang, Hongliang, Van ours, Seth Richards-Shubik, Robalino, Juan David, Lin, Xu, Dahl, Gordon B. Gordon B. Yamamura, Eiji, Krauth, Brian V. Brian Krauth, Barbieri, Paolo Nicola, Fertig, Michael, Steven N. Ioannides, Harris, Jeffrey E. Jones, Jones, A. Anderson, D. Akyol, Metin, Xu, Dafeng, David N. A statistical analytical report on mail canvass of private forest -land owners in the Southern United States.

Landowner characteristics, attitudes, harvesting experience, tenure, and management planning are discussed. Private forest -land owners of the Northern United States, A statistical analytical report on mail canvass of private forest -land owners in the Northern United States. Private governance beyond the state is emerging as a prominent debate in International Relations, focusing on the activities of private non-state actors and the influences of private rules and standards.

However, the conceptual framework of governance has until recently been employed predominantly. Private and public incomes in dehesas and coniferous forests in Andalusia, Spain. We apply an ecosystem accounting system to estimate the total social income accrued from private and public products in a group of agroforestry farms in Andalusia Spain. We provide bio-physical and economic indicators for two contrasting farm types, a sub-group of 15 publicly owned coniferous forests and a sub-group of 24 privately owned dehesa farms.

Total social Evaluating land-use and private forest management responses to a potential forest carbon offset sales program in western Oregon USA. We describe the use of linked land-use and forest sector models to simulate the effects of carbon offset sales on private forest owners' land-use and forest management decisions inwestern Oregon USA. Our work focuses on forest management decisions rather than afforestation, allows full forest sector price adjustment to land-use changes, and incorporates time Forests and biofuels: an opportunity for public- private partnering.

Throughout its century of public service, the FPL has conducted wood and fiber utilization research that contributes to the conservation and productivity of forest resources and to sustainably meeting the needs of people for forest products. Parcelization and affluence: Implications for nonindustrial private forests.

The quality of life we cherish is in many ways dependent on the health and accessibility of our forests. Forests provide recreational and aesthetic relief from the pressures of modem society, as well as the raw material for a multitude of wood products. Many rural communities rely heavily on economic benefits provided by timber, tounsm, and other forest -related rec Full Text Available The Croatian tourist sector has been stagnating during the period of transition.

The connection between the financial structure, balance liabilities and the diversification of the instruments of property structure, defines the optimal financial adjustment of firms in tourism. In present-day Croatian hotel companies, uncertain profits make the company risky, not only in the aspect of debts but also considering the equity capital, which is then reflected in unsatisfactory business results.

Similar researches are crucial ways towards a global knowledge about privatization in Croatian tourism today. Using structured decision making with landowners to address private forest management and parcelization: balancing multiple objectives and incorporating uncertainty. Parcelization and forest fragmentation are of concern for ecological, economic, and social reasons. Perceiving sustainable forest spaces: governance aspects of private and company owned forests in North-Karelia, Finland.

Full Text Available The integration of improved environmental or sustainable aspects in forest management is often affiliated with the rise of market-driven governance systems, such as forest certification. In terms of forest resource peripheries, like North-Karelia, Finland, these are often attributed to environmental business and consumer demands from the green Central European markets. While acknowledging these aspects related to the supply chains of wood-based products, this study evaluates the actual perceptions about environmental forest governance and its spaces in the resource peripheries themselves.

It displays the perceived changes and practices in forestry by comparing private and corporate ownership and their governance networks. This is accomplished by a qualitative, interview based case study of North Karelian and Finnish forestry actors. Transnational forest governance is hereby treated as a relational space, with forest certification systems as possible technologies used to achieve improved, sustainable forest management.

Utilizing the North-Karelian forestry sector, the varying positionalities of actors and institutions within such a relational space shape the knowledge networks, perceptions and decision-making. The study evaluates how these local-global positionalities of actors and individuals shapes their understanding, and guide the direction of sustainable forest management in Finland while it re-produces opposing regimes of practice. With the discourse on forest certification being twofold, a more complex picture emerges if aspects of even- versus uneven-aged forest management in Finland are integrated.

The green markets are not perceived as the main driving force and a strong governmental influence, particularly. Timber market research, private forests , and policy rhetoric. The development of the profession and practice of forestry in the United States can be linked to urgent concerns regarding timber shortages in the late 19th century Williams These were based largely on perceived failures of forest landowners to protect or invest enough in the productive capacity of their forests Manthy The South, as the only major Motivations for recreating on farmlands, private forests , and state or national parks.

This study explores the importance of different motivations to visit three types of recreational settings--farms, private forests , and state or national parks. Data were collected via a mail-back questionnaire administered to a stratified random sample of households in Missouri USA. Descriptive and inferential statistics reveal both similarities and discontinuities in motivations for visiting farms, private forests , and state or national parks for recreation.

Being with family, viewing natural scenery, and enjoying the smells and sounds of nature were all highly important motivations for visiting the three types of settings. However, all 15 motivations examined were perceived to be significantly more important for visits to state or national parks than to farms or private forests. Findings suggest that individuals are more strongly motivated to recreate at state and national parks relative to farmlands or forests. Post hoc paired t tests comparing motivations between both agricultural settings farms and private forests revealed significant differences in eight different recreational motivations.

Individuals tended to place more importance on the ability to use equipment and test their skills when considering recreating on private forests. Conversely, social motivations e. Collectively, the findings suggest individuals expect distinctly different outcomes from their visits to farmlands, private forests , or state or national parks. Consequently, all three types of recreational settings have competitive advantages that their managers could capitalize on when making decisions about how to attract new visitors or produce the most desirable experiences for current recreationists.

Full Text Available Globalization and commodity exports have a long history in affecting land use changes and land rights on the tropical forest frontier. This paper reviews a century of social and environmental discourse around land issues for four commodities grown in the humid tropics—rubber, cocoa, oil palm and bananas. States have exercised sovereign rights over land and forest resources and the outcomes for deforestation and land rights of existing users have been quite varied depending on local institutional contexts and political economy.

In the current period of globalization, as land use changes associated with tropical commodities have accelerated, land issues are now at center stage in the global discourse. However, efforts to protect forests and the rights of local communities and indigenous groups continue to be ad hoc and codification of minimum standards and their implementation remains a work in progress. Given a widespread failure of state directed policies and institutions to curb deforestation and protect land rights, the private sector, with the exception of the rubber industry , is emphasizing voluntary standards to certify sustainability of their products.

This is an important step but expectations that they will effectively address concerns about the impact of tropical commodities expansion might be too high, given their voluntary nature, demand constraints, and the challenge of including smallholders. It is also doubtful that private standards can more than partially compensate for long standing weaknesses in land governance and institutions on the forest frontier. The Forest Inventory and Analysis Program serves important public interests by providing credible data for informed public forest policy debates as well as feedback to the forest -based economic market.

This feedback, which affects timber price expectations, helps ensure resource sustainability by promoting better investment decision making within the forest products Privatization of British electricity supply industry : Critical analysis.

Until , despite the partially disintegrated organization of the British electricity supply industry ESI and the attempt of the Energy Act of to pull down entrance barriers to the power generation business, ESI operated like an integrated monopoly. Between and , ESI has been subjected to a reorganization process and transfer to the private sector with the declared aim of improving short and long run micro-economic efficiency.

For this purpose, the attempt of introducing competition in the phases of the production process where possible and of regulating those which are structurally non competitive, has been made. The new configuration of ESI in terms of organizational structure, property regime and regulatory system is analyzed. Areas of improvement of the regulatory system and delayed key decisions of the public operator, are identified. However, any evaluation of the process as a whole can only relate to a minor part of the present situation; thus it subtends a scenary for the future, where the role of the regulatory authority is crucial.

A study to measure the impact of privatized industries. Full Text Available One of the most important issues in privatization is to measure the impact of such decisions on improving efficiency of governmental organizations. Privatization , in the past, has had both positive and negative consequences in different countries. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the impact of privatization in Iran to see the outcome of such decision. In this paper, we present an empirical study to measure the financial performance of the privatized firms three years before and three years after privatization happed using pairwise t-student.

We use five financial figures of asset turnover, working capital turnover, return on assets, return on equity and earnings per share. The results indicate that there was no meaningful relationship between these financial figures before and after privatization occurred.

Information on what works for the Forest Products industry , examples of successful partnerships, and benefits of partnering with OIT are included. Full Text Available This study aimed to analyze the implication of formalization of community forest business efforts through mandatory timber legality certification policy.

The results showed that community forest is mainly planting in their private owned land. It brings 2 consequences. Firstly, their willingness to manage their forest sustainably was emerged without any enforcement from external parties. Secondly, there were autonomous in decision making in their way to manage their forest such as they only planted tree species that easy to sell and valuable, they only cut their trees when they need huge money for children schooling, marriage, illness, and housing.

The autonomous decision making gives also the owners farmers other alternatives to utilize their land otherwise planting the trees. It is mean, if the policy is decreasing the potential benefits from growing the trees, they can also convert their community forest into other business in which profitable and easy to sell their products. From those facts, it seems the formalization of community forest business through mandatory certification is not a proper policy to enhance the community forest.

The management philosophy advocated by many public agencies today has become known as "ecosystem management. However, any effort to assure sustainability and health of American forests Ownership of the U. In most cases, private forest landowners do not consider timber production among the top reasons for holding their lands.

However, most research indicates that favorable In recent years, China has experienced tremendous growth in its pharmaceutical industry. There is a significantly positive correlation between public funding and private investment in different provinces of China. However, public funding was likely to be invested into less developed provinces with abundant natural herbal resources.

Compared with the chemical medicine subsector, traditional Chinese medicine and biopharmaceutical subsectors obtained more public funding. Further, the effect of the government was focused on private equity and venture capital investment although private fund is the mainstream of this type of investment. Montana's forest products industry and timber harvest, Timothy P. Spoelma; Todd A. Morgan; Thale Dillon; Alfred L. Chase; Charles E. Keegan; Larry T. This report traces the flow of Montana's timber harvest through the primary wood-using industries ; provides a description of the structure, capacity, and condition of Montana's primary forest products industry ; and quantifies volumes and uses of wood fiber.

Historical wood products industry changes are discussed, as well as changes in harvest, production Full Text Available This article examines the relationship between the type of a development aid implementing organisation public or private and the quality of project management in development aid. The author begins with main public administration considerations - how public aid administration is different from private and furthermore, how particular sectoral characteristics of organisations influence the quality of the management process.

The article combines empirical findings on the differences between the public and private sector with a complex setting of development aid and main success factors in development aid activity, in order to determine whether for-profit or public companies are more likely to achieve better project management processes.

The article identifies some indices that favorise private companies, and outlines further necessary steps that should be taken in order to broaden the argumentation and confirm or reject this assertion. Reducing hazardous fuels on nonindustrial private forests : factors influencing landowner decisions. In mixed-ownership landscapes, fuels conditions on private lands have implications for fire risk on public lands and vice versa.

The success of efforts to mitigate fire risk depends on the extent, efficacy, and coordination of treatments on nearby ownerships. Understanding factors in forest owners' decisions to address the risk of wildland fire is therefore Full Text Available This research aimed to analyze the effectiveness of institusional and policy on private forest. The collected data were processed using likert scale and analyzed descriptively.

The results showed that effectiveness of institutional in Kabupaten Banjarnegara and Banyumas Regency was moderate condition quite effective. The effectiveness of private forest policy is seen from four policy viewpoints: policy accuracy, policy implementation, target accuracy, and environmental accuracy.

Private forest policy in Kabupaten Banjarnegara is effective based on policy accuracy and environmental accuracy, while private forest policy in Banyumas Regency is effective based on target accuracy and environmental accuracy. This difference in assessment is due to the different of policy or program at the location according to the condition and the desire of community. Factors affecting the availability of wood energy from nonindustrial private forest lands in the Northeast.

Describes factors affecting the availability of fuelwood from nonindustrial private forests NIPF in the Northeast. The availability of market fuelwood depends heavily on tract size. The demand for land to supply the expanding urban fringe may result in a lower supply of market wood but also in more wood being cut to satisfy the owner's need for wood.

NIPF owners Sustainable forest management of Natura sites: a case study from a private forest in the Romanian Southern Carpathians. Habitat types and indicator species are identified to measure environmental quality. Working towards an integrated approach to conservation, a range of options that will result in sustainable forest management are then considered. For spruce forests thinning over a broad range of diameters and maintenance of veteran trees would provide habitats for indicator species such asOlisthaerus substriatus.

Steep slopes, and the areas around springs and watercourses, as well as rock faces, should remain unmanaged. Future management should start with a grid-based inventory to create an objective database of forest structure and life. An example is presented for high-elevation spruce forest. The inventory should quantify the variations in diameter, height and volume of trees per unit area. Such data would allow the advanced planning of forest operations. Procurement of timber for the Finnish forest industries.

The procurement of timber to the forest industries in the Nordic countries is based on the log-length or shortwood system, and employs load-carrying forwarders and chainsaw of single-grip harvesters. This technology is characterized by high productivity, safety, suitability for small-sized trees, high recovery of timber, and environmental friendliness.

About one fourth of the industrial timber in the whole world is harvested using the log-length system. The challenge of ecological sustainability, multiple use of forests , adoption of thinnings as a tool of management, trend toward improved utilization of forest biomass, and shift from natural forests to plantations all increase the global interest in the log-length system.

The paper presents a review of the Finnish forest sector, the technology of timber harvesting and transport, productivity of logging work, and costs of timber at the mill. The highly mechanized logging systems of the forest industries and the lighter technology of self-employed forest owners are discussed separately. Furthermore, the use of residual biomass as a source of clean and renewable energy, the Finnish logging machine industry , and forest operations research in Finland are also reviewed.

Full Text Available Development of industrial plantation forest is a form of principal-agent relationship, in which the Ministry of Forestry as a principal gives utilization permit to the entrepreneur as an agent, known as the Forest Timber Product Exploitation Permit on Planted Forest.

This utilization permit obtained by the agents is operationally conducted by other parties through a cooperative agreement. The purpose of this study is to obtain an information regarding to the state position in the development of industrial plantation forest. The study was conducted in Riau Province, using the constructivist paradigm with phenomenological method. Data were obtained through in-depth interviews to selected informants. Data were also obtained from the review of documents to complement the interview.

Data analysis was conducted using property rights and principal agent theories. The phenomenon of multi-chain transfer of the management rights of plantation forest that occoured in the observed companies showed that the state was unable to effectively control to the forest plantation.

The study recommends that state should issue regulation to decrease or stops further transfer of the management rights of plantation forest. However, further study needs to overcome the existing over accumulation of plantation forest in a few hands. Keywords: industrial plantation forest , property right, principal agent, the state position, authority.

How industry can help us fight against botnets : Notes on regulating private -sector intervention. Could industry improve our response to botnet attacks? If so, how should this private sector participation be regulated? This paper examines how regulation could be used to facilitate private sector intervention against robot networks, also known as botnets.

The first part of this paper is dedicated. Previous studies show that attending private tutoring has become a necessity to many primary and secondary students in East Asia. Educational policies and their effective implementation are crucial to guarantee the healthy development of the private tutoring industry and thus protect the rights of students and their families.

Under the framework…. The privately owned timber resources of western Oregon. Timber resource statistics from a inventory are presented for private timberland in western Oregon. Inventories usually classify private owners as either forest industry or nonindustrial private. For this report, however, the nonindustrial private classification has been further disaggregated into farmer, individual, and corporate owners.

For all private owner Privatizing Southeast Asia's electric power industries : phases, challenges, difficulties. The privatization of the power sector in South East Asia is part of a complex strategy, aimed a creating an efficient power production space, consisting of both national and international producers, although the latter will have to be selected according to their ability to ensure the most efficient service while implementing new technology.

There is no single privatization model in S. Asia, but a wide variety of approaches, ranging from the most daring e. Malaysia to the most cautious e. For centrally planned economies such as Vietnam and Laos , the approach will still be dictated by strategic demands to the detriment of the obvious financial advantages of total privatization of the power sector.

Nevertheless, in most S. Asian countries, the process seems to be inexorably heading towards a situation where the political authorities will induce competition between the different groups of operators on the power production market. The basic challenge to governments of the region is to ensure the coexistence and smooth operation of the new public private relations within the power sector. The research shows that in general people forest land use has been sucessfully implemented in the province.

It is important to note that a more successfull implementation of people forest land use is found in the private rather than government initiated forest. In the less accessible areas people forest land use activities are much more successfull than in the accessible ones. Social forestry land use in the volcanic slope physiography is much better than that in either undulating or karst areas.

Among important factors affecting the success of people forest land use are land ownership, education level, technology, land accessibility and percentage of plant growth. It is also confirmed that accessibility is the most important factor affecting the success of an people forest land use. The research also reveals that people forest land use has been very important in improving the farmers welfare.

A composite indicator shows that the welfare of farmers is much improved after the adoption of people forest land use, with the highest achievement is obtained by farmers in the volcanic slopes. Forests in Washington State generate substantial economic revenue from commercial timber harvesting on private lands. We calculated metrics of landscape pattern using patches of intact and harvested forest in each annual layer to identify changes throughout the time series.

Patch dynamics revealed four distinct eras of logging trends that align with prevailing regulations and economic conditions. We used multiple logistic regression to determine the biophysical and anthropogenic factors that influence fine-scale selection of harvest stands in each time period. Results show that private lands forest cover became significantly reduced and more fragmented from to Variables linked to parameters of site conditions, location, climate, and vegetation greenness consistently distinguished harvest selection for each distinct era.

This study demonstrates the utility of annual LULC data for investigating the underlying factors that influence land cover change. Full Text Available Forests in Washington State generate substantial economic revenue from commercial timber harvesting on private lands. Private health insurance: New measures of a complex and changing industry. Private health insurance benefit payments are an integral component of estimates of national health expenditures. Recent analyses indicate that the insurance industry has undergone significant changes since the mid's.

As a result of these study findings and corresponding changes to estimating techniques, private health insurance estimates have been revised upward. This has had a major impact on national health expenditure estimates. This article describes the changes that have occurred in the industry , discusses some of the implications of those changes, presents a new methodology to measure private health insurance and the resulting estimate levels, and then examines concepts that underpin these estimates.

Alaska's timber harvest and forest products industry , Jeff M. Halbrook; Todd A. Morgan; Jason P. Brandt; Charles E. Keegan; Thale Dillon; Tara M. This report traces the flow of timber harvested in Alaska during calendar year , describes the composition and operations of the state's primary forest products industry , and quantifies volumes and uses of wood fiber. Historical wood products industry changes are discussed, as well as trends in timber harvest, production, and sales of primary wood products Erik C.

Berg; Charles B. Gale; Todd A. Morgan; Allen M. Brackley; Charles E. Keegan; Susan J. Alexander; Glenn A. Christensen; Chelsea P. McIver; Micah G. Historical wood products industry changes are discussed, as well as trends in timber harvest, production, export, sales of primary wood products, The Four Corners timber harvest and forest products industry , Colin B. Sorenson; Steven W. Hayes; Todd A.

Morgan; Eric A. Simmons; Micah G. Scudder; Chelsea P. McIver; Mike T. Recent changes in the wood products industry are discussed, as well as trends This report traces the flow of timber harvested in the "Four Corners" States Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah during calendar year , describes the composition and operations of the region's primary forest products industry , and quantifies volumes and uses of wood fiber. Historical wood products industry changes are discussed, as well as Values and motivations of private forest owners in the United States: a framework based on open-ended responses in the national woodland owner survey.

Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis program's biologic resource inventory. An open-ended question in the NWOS explores private forest owners' motivations and values In search of loyalty: private label packaging solutions for the retail grocery industry. The U. The objective of this paper is to understand the opportunity that private label grocery products present to the corrugated packaging industry and how Weyerhaeuser Company might increase demand of corrugated boxes.

Industry analyses of both the U. Indian power industry : role of private sector in future progress. This document discusses about the current scenario of power sectors in the country. It deals with the present power policy to encourage the private sector investment.

Recommendations of the long-term pricing policy are laid down to meet the financial resources and energy demands. In general the reforms should be guided by the objective of introducing competition wherever possible, so as to minimise the cost to the consumer and improve the quality and services. Effect of industrial pollution on behaviour of radionuclides in forest ecosystems; Forests ecosystems. To investigate how and to what extent industrial pollution affects the behaviour of radionuclides in forest ecosystems, studies were conducted in the vicinity of two Cu-Ni smelters: one in a pine forest at Harjavalta, Finland, and the other in a spruce forest at Monchegorsk, Russia.

Industrial pollution had significant effects on the distribution of radionuclides in soil horizons. With the increase in pollution towards the smelter, radionuclides were accumulated more in the litter layer because the conversion of litter into organic material was diminished due to inhibited microbial activity. As a result, the organic layer contained less radionuclides towards the smelter. The effect of industrial pollution on soil-to-plant transfer was complex.

The effect varied with radionuclide, plant species and also on forest type. For Cs, soil-to-plant transfer decreased significantly as industrial pollution increased in pine forest , whereas the decrease was less pronounced in spruce forest. Root uptake of ,Pu by plants is extremely small, and plant contamination by resuspended soil is an important factor in considering the soil-to-plant transfer of this radionuclide.

In spruce forest , more plutonium was transferred into plants when pollution load increased due to resuspension of litter particles, which contained higher concentrations of plutonium in the vicinity of the smelter. Soil-to-plant transfer of plutonium was much less affected in pine forests contaminated with industrial pollution.

This research clearly indicates the sensitivity of the northern forest ecosystem to inorganic pollutants. Prediction of the soil-to-plant transfer of radionuclides in industrially polluted forest ecosystems requires detailed information on the total deposition, vertical distribution of radionuclides in soil, soil microbiological factors, other soil parameters as well as the rooting depths of the plants. It presents a systematic analysis of the conditions under which companies and regions can take advantage of industrial tourism development.

By combining insights from tourism, marketing, regional economics,. This new industry , where firms not only supply the goods of warfare, but also fulfill many of the professional functions, is not only significant to the defense community, but has wider ramifications By combining insights from tourism, marketing, regional economics, urban governance and theories of the firm we develop a theory that specifies the interests of host firms and urban regions.

We state that a common agenda creates opportunities for coordinated action in Accident rates and types among self-employed private forest owners. Half of all Swedish forests are owned by private individuals, and at least , people work in these privately owned forest holdings.

However, only lethal accidents are systematically monitored among self-employed forest workers. We found large differences between the registries in the type and number of accidents that were reported. We encountered difficulties in defining "self-employed forest worker" and also in determining whether the accidents that did occur happened during work or leisure time.

Nevertheless, the different registries gave a consistent picture of the types of accidents that occur while individuals are participating in self-employed forestry work. Falling trees were associated with many of these fatal accidents as well as with accidents that resulted in severe non-fatal injuries. Thus, unsafe work methods appeared more related to the occurrence of an accident than the equipment that was being used at the time of the accident e. Improvement of the workers' skills should therefore be considered to be an important prevention measure that should be undertaken in this field.

The challenges in improving the safety in these smallest of companies, which fall somewhere between the purview of. Should we pay, and to whom, for biodiversity enhancement in private forests? An empirical study of attitudes towards payments for forest ecosystem services in Poland.

This paper investigates the possibility of forest policy changes in Poland. The main objective is to investigate whether, and to whom, the society would be willing to pay for providing biodiversity enhancement in private forests. The empirical evidence is derived from a stated preference survey conducted on the national level and analyzed using a multinomial logit model MNL.

Our findings show a rather strong potential for the implementation of payments for ecosystem services PES in privat A roadmap for Nanotechnology in the Forest Products Industries has been developed under the umbrella of the Agenda program overseen by the CTO committee.

It is expected that the use of new analytical techniques and methodologies will allow us to understand the complex nature of wood based materials and allow the dramatically enhanced use of the major strategic asset the US has in renewable, recyclable resources based on its well managed Forests. Relationship of various factors affecting the sustainable private forest management at Pajangan District, Special Regions Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Forests have a role and function in providing good atmosphere with stable oxygen content and affecting global climate stability. Good forest management will provide stable climatic conditions in global climate change. A good forest is managed to provide a sustainable environment condition. This study aims to analyze the relationship of various factors affecting the sustainability of private forests management.

This research is a quantitative research with survey method and determination of sampling are was by purposive sampling. Sampling method using multiple stage cluster sampling with 60 samples. From the results it was found that the successful sustainable private forest management influenced by various factors, such as group dynamics, stakeholder support, community institutions, and farmer participation. The continuity of private forest management is determined by the fulfillment of economic, social and environmental dimensions.

The most interesting finding is that the group dynamics conditions are very good, whereas the sense of togetherness among community is very strong under limited resources managing private forests. The sense of togetherness resulted creativity to diversify business and thus reduced the pressure in exploiting the forest. Some people think that managing the people's forest as a culture so that its existence can be more sustainable. Exploring effective factors on privatization , firm performance and export development: Evidence from steel industry.

Full Text Available Privatization means establishing a new system based on the market mechanisms and consequently making a change, alteration in different aspects of economy and is a process in which the government can examine the possibility of transferring the duties and facilities to the private sector on any level and if necessary, exerts such transfer.

On the other hand, exports in industry sector can be a noticeable point for the economic growth of any country. Such an enhancement brings about a positive effect in the efficiency of the stocks within the financial markets by developing the steel industry. Researchers of this field claim that privatization in the steel industry results in the further development of the steel stock market and exports. This paper presents a comprehensive survey on factors influencing on privatization of the firms in steel industry.

The study has designed a questionnaire in Likert scale and distributed it among some experts who worked for Mobarakeh steel producer in Iran. Using principle component analysis, the survey has concluded that export activities were influenced the most by six major factors including creativity, technological limitation, opportunities and challenges, being up to date, customer orientation and financial sanction.

Finally, two factors of rationalism and market orientation influenced the most on privatization. Moves towards privatization and market liberalization in Ukraine's electricity industry. The problems surrounding Ukraine's electricity industry and the safety of its nuclear reactors have attracted much international concern.

This paper describes the political and economic developments in the country since it became independent in , and highlights the electricity sector reforms which have been aided by the EBRD, the IMPF and the World Bank. This paper investigates both supply the number of employees in the PT industry and the number of PT institutions and demand the number of middle and high school students, grade Panel data are used for this research, making it possible to analyze market growth over time since it contains both cross-sectional and time-series information.

How are America's private forests changing? An integrated assessment of forest management, housing pressure, and urban development in alternate emissions scenarios. Private forests are a vital component of the natural ecosystem infrastructure of the United States, and provide critical ecosystem services including clean air and water, energy, wildlife habitat, recreational services, and wood fiber. These forests have been subject to conversion to developed uses due to increasing population pressures.

This study examines the The development of public and private construction procurement systems in the Malaysian construction industry. Full Text Available As demand on building construction projects rises, various procurement methods have been adapted to suit with unique project requirements. However, poor industry performance and rapid developments within it indicate the need for a research on the procurement systems in the industry. In order to explore the development of procurement systems in Malaysia, a discussion on different economic phases which influence the routes of procurement systems and its evolution in Malaysia's construction industry is initiated.

Subsequently, based on a questionnaire survey collected from 73 public and 68 private parties, the significant and dominant role of traditional procurement system used by both the public and private sectors in Malaysia can be confirmed. Further elaboration on the research findings is covered in the discussion section. China's express delivery market has become the arena in which each express enterprise struggles to chase due to the huge potential demand and high profitable prospects.

So certain qualitative and quantitative forecast for the future changes of China's express delivery market will help enterprises understand various types of market conditions and social changes in demand and adjust business activities to enhance their competitiveness timely.

The development of China's express delivery industry is first introduced in this chapter. Then the theoretical basis of the regression model is overviewed. We also predict the demand trends of China's express delivery market by using Pearson correlation analysis and regression analysis from qualitative and quantitative aspects, respectively.

Finally, we draw some conclusions and recommendations for China's express delivery industry. Full Text Available Commercial s are ed providing for forest plantation development bank not interest in fund community based. This paper is aimed to find out the effectiveness of revolving fund and factors affecting its repayment distribution. The data was collected through household surveys and in-depth interviews. The household surveys were done using structured questionnaires that included questions related to: characteristics of the borrowers, characteristics of private forest , characteristics of loan, and household perceptions on private forest revolving fund Household perceptions on private forest revolving fund are loan.

Importance of wood from planted forests for manufacturing industry. Full Text Available The manufactured wood products are essential to modern society, since they are made from renewable and recyclable raw material, characterizing a sustainable input. The objective of this study was to elucidate the importance of wood from planted forests in forest products manufacture of higher added value, addressing forest and wood contexts of topics related to education, resources, products, industry , government incentives, public policies and markets.

Different from Europe, it was verified that Brazil does not support positively this important industrial sector, nevertheless it still presents growth potential due to range of wooden-based products. Thus, wood could reach a prominent position in Brazilian economy, if strategies and incentives were defined by rules and public policies.. The analysis will be used to provide recommendations for improving PTT-HR scheme included scaling out and scaling up of the scheme for improving economic benefits and supporting smallholder private forest business as well as for strengthening farmer's welfare.

The results showed that PTT-HR policy has implemented effectively based on evaluation parameter derived from the objectives of policy namely the age of the stands for loan collateral, the capabilities for improving farmer's welfare, utilization of loan, perception of the farmers regarding to the ease of the process and purpose of loan utilization, and the capability of loan repayment.

Opportunities for the forest products industries. Although paper Transformational energy and climate policies are being debated worldwide that could have significant impact upon the future of the forest products industry. Because woody biomass can produce alternative transportation fuels, low-carbon electricity, and numerous other 'green' products in addition to traditional paper and lumber commodities, the future use of forest resources is highly uncertain.

In addition, we discuss how these policy scenarios might interface with the recently strengthened U. The principal focus is on how forest products including residues might be utilized under different policy scenarios, and what such market shifts might mean for electricity and biomass prices, as well as energy consumption and carbon emissions.

The results underscore the value of incentivizing energy efficiency in a portfolio of energy and climate policies in order to moderate electricity and biomass price escalation while strengthening energy security and reducing CO 2 emissions. The recent peace agreement between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia FARC offers new opportunities for peaceful and sustainable development, but at the same time requires a timely effort to protect biological resources, and ecosystem services Clerici et al.

In this context, we use the Landsat data record to prototype a methodology to establish a baseline of deforestation, afforestation and industrial forest practices i. Two study areas, which have seen considerable deforestation in recent years, were selected: one in the South of the country, at the edge of the Amazon Forest WRS path row and one in the center, in mixed forest WRS path row Recurrent Neural Networks RNN is a class of artificial neural network that extends the conventional neural network with loops in the connections Graves et al.

Unlike a feed-forward neural network, an RNN is able to process the sequential inputs by having a recurrent hidden state whose activation at each step depends on that of the previous steps. In this manner, the RNN provides a good framework to dynamically model time series data, and has been successfully applied to natural language processing in Google Sutskever et al.

The sequence of forest cover state maps was subsequently post-processed to differentiate between deforestation e. References Clerici, N. Colombia: Dealing. General history of the South African forest industry : to These and other main events in the history of the forest industry are presented in this paper under: forest law and policy, privatisation of State forests , afforestation, economics, outsourcing, protection, environmental matters, research, education and training and professionalism.

Key Words: Forest industry history, to General history of the South African Forest Industry : to These and other main events in the general history of the forest industry are presented in this paper under: forest law and policy, privatisation of State forests , afforestation, economics, outsourcing, protection, environmental matters, research, education and training and professionalism.

Keywords: Forest industry history, Alabama's forest products industry : performance and contribution to the State's economy, to Employment and earnings in Alabama's forest products industry , like those of most Southern States, grew significantly between and The forest products industry accounted for a larger share of the State's economic base. Of the 13 Southern States, only 5 had more forest products industry employment than Alabama. Moreover, during A tainted trade? Moral ambivalence and legitimation work in the private security industry.

The private security industry is often represented - and typically represents itself - as an expanding business, confident of its place in the world and sure of its ability to meet a rising demand for security. But closer inspection of the ways in which industry players talk about its past, present and future suggests that this self-promotion is accompanied by unease about the industry 's condition and legitimacy.

In this paper, we analyse the self-understandings of those who sell security - as revealed in interviews conducted with key industry players and in a range of trade materials - in order to highlight and dissect the constitutive elements of this ambivalence. This analysis begins by describing the reputational problems that are currently thought to beset the industry and the underlying fears about its status and worth that these difficulties disclose.

We then examine how security players seek to legitimate the industry using various narratives of professionalization. Four such narratives are identified - regulation, education, association and borrowing - each of which seeks to justify private security and enhance the industry 's social worth.

What is striking about these legitimation claims is that they tend not to justify the selling of security in market terms. In conclusion we ask why this is the case and argue that market justifications are 'closed-off' by a moral ambivalence that attaches to an industry trading in products which cannot guarantee to deliver the condition that its consumers crave. Service quality in the electricity industry : The role of privatization and managerial behavior.

Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering. This paper analyzes the relationship between privatization and service quality in the electricity industry , and tests the hypothesis that managerial behavior is a significant intervening factor.

The sample includes 31 Italian distributors over the period ; their quality performance is represented by continuity of supply, an aspect of quality that is both contractible and regulated. Results of the empirical analysis suggest that the transfer of shareholdings to private investors does not lead to quality degradation. The results also suggest that managerial dominance translates into a reduction in supply quality; this effect is likely to be particularly strong for public-sector utilities.

Changes in competitive strategies due to deregulation and privatization in the petroleum industry : a comparative study. This article is part of a series of four dedicated to the study of the global oil competition game through the analytical framework proposed by Michael Porter, from the University of Harvard. By means of a questionnaire answered by top executives in ten oil companies, the authors investigate the changes in the competitive strategy of these companies in the downstream side of the oil business due to deregulation and privatization.

The paper starts by establishing the relationship between Porter's generic competitive strategies and specific competitive methods. Then, it describes how companies have changes their competitive methods after privatization and major deregulation. Changes in the industry structure are also analyzed. Radiocesium in the forest and forest industry.

Studies on the flow, occurrence and technological enhancement of radionuclides in the forest industry with emphasis on the behaviour of radiocesium. In the aftermath of the nuclear weapons testing and as compared with agriculture, the forest industry has received relatively little attention in spite of its large-scale use of radiocesium-contaminated wood and water.

After the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident in , numerous studies of the forest environment have been conducted with respect to radionuclide transfer through the forest ecosystem or its many components. Still, the impact from radioactive fallout on the forest industries that receive the bulk fraction of biomass removed from the forest has scarcely been investigated. Recycling process elements is a necessity in chemical pulping to be competitive.

The chemical pulping process is primarily designed to extract, separate and recover the digesting agent carriers such as sodium and complementary carriers such as calcium needed for the production of fresh cooking liquors. Besides these chemical elements, unwanted elements in the process such as K and many other chemical elements are also retained as a consequence of their chemical similarity to sodium and calcium.

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Michael Kloss. Branchen: Transportunternehmen, Ballonfahrten, Freizeitanlagen, Luftverkehr. Mark Niquet. Ralf Haas GmbH. Michael Brast. Dirk Brast. Christof Pigors. Katja's Mietwagen. Gebhard Solbach Gebhard Solbach Taxi. Ute Schneider. Roland Knipp. Branchen: Autovermietungen, Behindertentransporte und Krankentransporte, Personentransporte, Serviceunternehmen, Taxiunternehmen, Transportunternehmen, Verleih und Vermietung.

Jutta Berrenrath.

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MB Transporte #1 VOLVO FH Euro 6 (UHL-TRUCKS Edition) + INTERIOR ! [HD]

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Michael Bettinger. Transporte Bettinger. , Wadgassen, Saarland Germany. *Address and contact information is available with Hoovers Subscription. Michael Bettinger Transporte, Bous | Company information & Credit report | Branch of industry: Freight transport by road - the number one for company data. Michael Bettinger Transporte, Bous | Firmenauskunft & Bonitätsauskunft | Branche: Güterbeförderung im Straßenverkehr - die Nr. 1 für.